Dylan Tobia

Software Engineer


Dylan Tobia is a recent graduate from the University of Arizona, which a bachelors in Computer Science. He has experience working in the field. He has knowledge of web-development, Java, and other languages. He loves to create new products, and hopes to someday create a product that really makes a difference. A quick learner, who always takes the time needed to understand a new technology, he loves to learn as often as possible.

Dylan spent most of his young life playing semi-professional dodgeball. After making a name for himself as a great catcher on the court, he decided to really focus on his future. While taking a game design class at his community college, he was introduced to programming. He immediately fell in love with the ability to make something new with just a few keystrokes on a keyboard. He enrolled in the computer science program at his community college, acquired his Associate's degree, and blew through his bachelors program at the University of Arizona as fast as possible.

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Dylan is always looking for new opportunities.